autism is a disability not a disorder

These parents have to realize that Autism is not a disorder but just a disability that can be rectified. This disability causes various difficulties in brain functions and also the behavioral aspects of the children. For your child who is suffering from autism the whole world is strange and lonely, he needs your love and support a lot at this time. They need comfort and care so that they do not feel lonely in this strange world.
Autism does not have a permanent cure but it can be treated to ensure that the children who are affected by this autism can lead a normal life. There is occupational therapy and physical therapy to develop the individual’s ability. Occupational therapy concentrates on improving their day to day works like wearing their shirt, bathing, combing their hair, tying a shoe lace etc. On the other hand physical therapy concentrates on using massage like therapies to improve the person’s body movements. Other than this there are four other common methods of treating Autism, they are behavior modification, communication therapy, dietary modification and medications.
Behavior modification concentrates on making them good citizens by making their social skills and behavior polished. These include methods like sensory integration therapy and social stories to make these children understand how to behave in the public. Communication therapy includes making the individuals who are affected by this Autism to speak well or communicate through signs. The change of diet in the dietary modification is controversial as food is not found to a factor of Autism. There are some medications also that enable pacification of such Autistic children who sometimes go into an uncontrollable state. Again it is to be remembered that autism is a disability and not a disorder.